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Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) extracts stale contaminated air from inside your property and replaces it with fresh air from outdoors, whilst extracting the energy (heat) from the stale air and transferring it into the fresh air, providing your home with warm fresh air.

This is a very efficient way to extract and supply fresh air into your home. Generally these systems will recover 50% of the heat in the stale air and transfer this into the fresh air being pushed into the property.

Heat recovery ventilation is becoming more popular now with modern homes being more airtight. This means the stale air stays in the property for longer due to poor ventilation. This is good in the sense that they are more energy efficient but means there is a lack of natural air exchange between indoor and outdoor making the air quality poorer. A ventilation system provides a constant supply of fresh air whilst removing smells, odors, CO2 and moisture in the stale air.

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Heat Recovery

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