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Thermographic surveys are used to find abnormally high temperatures within electrical systems. Often caused by overloading circuits, undersized cables, old cabling or loose contacts, these faults can cause serious problems if not rectified quickly such as major breakdowns or fire.

Thermographic surveys can find these faults easily and quickly while your electrical system is in normal use meaning that there is minimum disruption to your usual workflow. Thermal imaging can be used to pinpoint the location of a fault within seconds, showing where there are abnormally high temperatures on a camera meaning that the area can be inspected and the fault found and rectified quickly.

Thermographic surveys are particularly useful for larger, more complex 24/7 operations, where equipment is running almost all the time. An example of this would be on care equipment in hospitals. It is best to undertake this inspection whilst the electrical circuit is in normal / heavy use as this is when you will see the weakness’s (in the form of heat and hotspots) in the electrical components.

In a usual thermographic survey we will test starting from the source of supply up to the final circuit, focusing on equipment that cannot be isolated, distribution boards, power supplies and any places the client or engineer believes to be a cause for concern.

Our engineers are fully qualified and CRB checked and are more than capable of carrying out these surveys. If you would like further information or a free quotation please feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of staff.

Thermographic Survey

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