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Domestic Energy Savings in Reading and Berkshire

LED Lighting

A great way to save energy is to swap your lamps to LED’s. Changing to LED lighting can potentially give you huge savings on your energy bills, lower your maintenance costs and also reduce your carbon emissions. LED lighting uses a lot less power than your conventional light bulb’s by using much lower wattage requirements, leading you to lower utility bills. DATON Electricals range of LED lights offers no buzzing, no flickering and instant-on LED lights that can last up to 100,000 hours. We also offer dimmable LED’s that can also be connected to daylight and motion sensors to offer further savings.

LED lighting is fast evolving, getting better all the time and can give you significant savings on your energy bills without affecting the quality of your lighting. Most LED lamps last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours depending on the product, with some even lasting up to 100,000 hours.

Our LED lamps are comparable to traditional lighting but at a fraction of the running costs.

So why not switch today? Feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of staff to find out how you can switch to LED lighting to be more environmentally friendly and save yourself some money!

Voltage Optimisation Systems

Voltage optimisation systems are designed to reduce the energy consumed in a household to what is needed rather than what is supplied.

The voltage supplied to you buy the grid is on average 242V (But it can be as high as 253V in some areas). Most electrical appliances that are manufactured for the UK and Europe are rated at about 220V but can often run at lower voltages; this means that the power being fed to the appliance is higher than it needs to be, which ultimately means there is energy being wasted. This shows that you are being supplied more electricity than you need and lots of this is being wasted.

By installing a VOS you can reduce the energy consumed by only supplying you with the power you need rather than the power that is normally supplied. This cuts out wasted electricity and saves you money on your energy bills.

Here are a few facts about Voltage optimisation systems:

  • VOS operate on all circuits in the house 24/7 to give you constant savings.
  • No ongoing maintenance needed.
  • Reduces energy bills up to 20% (average of 12%) with a return on investment of 5 years maximum.
  • Extended life of electrical appliances due to less wear and tear.
  • Different options available to suit your needs!


Electric meters can be used to monitor your electricity usage, to see where and when you are using the most electricity. This will then help you find what area uses the most power and why. From this you can look into the best options to save you energy either by replacing lights to LED, buying newer appliances that use less energy or just turning lights of behind you when rooms are not being used.

Boiler Controls

Another way to save money is to have boiler controls installed. There are many types of boiler controls available on the market, a few of which are 24 hour timers, 7 day programmers, room thermostats and load compensation.

All of these controllers can offer great savings if set up and used correctly. All of our engineers are fully qualified and more than capable of fitting these controls, if you would like more information please get in touch and speak with a member of staff.

Heater thermostats

Thermostats that are on electric heaters can be used in certain ways to save you energy. Please see our page on electric heating for some useful tips.

Time Clocks

Time clocks can be used for different areas of the home to control when electrics should be on or off. A good example of this is to set a time clock to turn off your lighting at a set time to ensure that no lights are left on overnight or during the day when the house is empty. You can do the same with your heating and other appliances. Doing this Can save you on your electricity usage, it is so easy to forget to turn off a light when you go to work, or turn the heating off when going on holiday. By having a time clock installed you can rest assured that at set times the chosen appliances will shut down to ensure they are not in use when they don’t need to be. Saving you on running time, extending the life of the appliance and money on utility bills.

Domestic Energy Savings

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