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Heat pumps are a renewable technology which transfers energy in the form of heat from an outside source into your central heating system. This energy can come from Air, Ground or water. Our preference in these systems are Air Source Heat Pumps because they are smaller systems and quick and easy to install. We choose to install Panasonic heat pumps as we know the systems well and know they are reliable. You get a long warranty period (Not that you will need to use it) and the systems are some of the best on the market.

Air source heat pumps are a great way to heat your home, they transfer heat from outside and use it to heat your home. The heat pump uses electricity to run making it a good way to get your home off of gas. Heat pumps have an average COP (Coefficient of performance) of 3, basically meaning that for every unit (kW) of electricity put in you will get 3 units back of heat. Heat pumps are capable of heating your home through a standard central heating system or under floor heating as well as heating your domestic hot water through an indirect cylinder.

With these systems running purely from electricity it’s a great investment to make if renovating a home or building a new one, keeping you off the gas grid. If you have Solar photo voltaic panels installed this can keep the running costs down even more, generating the electricity required to run the heat pump from your solar panels.

Air source heat pumps are a great renewable option because they require little pipe work to be changed when replacing a gas or oil boiler. They can usually be installed to work with your existing wet central heating system. With the right design you can find a good unit, the right size for any property. They are generally small units with one indoor and one outdoor unit (for split systems) with the internal unit being slightly bigger than a boiler and the external unit that looks similar to an air conditioning unit.

Heat Pumps

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