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Data and Networking Cabling in Reading

DATON Electrical Services Limited are able to aid in all aspects of data cabling with years of experience. We cover all areas from design, install, maintenance, testing and certification of data cabling installations which are the infrastructure of today's IT and telecom systems.

When it comes do designing a network the cabling infrastructure is often overlooked. Network cabling is a very important aspect of any work place, now that data files are getting larger and people need things faster it is important to have the right cable installed to suit your needs.

Not only is it important to install the correct sized cable for your needs but if not installed correctly it can give you all sorts of issues further down the line like slow transfer speeds and sudden drops in network connection. DATON Electrical Services Ltd offer the full package when it comes to data cabling, from the initial enquiry, design, install and any maintenance or repairs that could be needed after. During the installation our team of engineers use the finest techniques and best equipment to do the job ensuring you a pleasant experience with as little disruption as possible. We can handle any size of installation from basic cable installation in a home or small office to a complete building installation in a large office.

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Data Networks and Cabling

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