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By law if your office / building allows access to employees or customers before 9am or after 3pm you are required to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that it is a safe environment for them. This includes emergency lighting, fire alarms and emergency exit signs.

The reason an emergency lighting system is so important in a commercial or industrial premises is to provide sufficient illumination for people to see their way out of the building in cases of emergency.

Over the years DATON Electrical have installed and maintained various emergency lighting systems of various sizes, from a single emergency exit light to full systems in office blocks or care homes.

Not only is it important to have these emergency lights installed but they must be installed correctly in the right positions for the safe evacuation of people inside the building. This is why it is vital to have an emergency lighting system designed and installed by a competent company with experience in these systems.

There are different types of emergency lighting systems, a few of which are self-contained units, self-testing systems and systems with one central battery.

The most common Emergency lighting system we install are the standard self-contained units, which have an internal battery. These are the most reliable types of emergency light as they all have an individual battery meaning if a battery does fail only one light is affected and not the whole system.

When having an emergency lighting system installed there are many things to take into account. The planning and design, the installation itself and the regular maintenance and testing of the system to ensure it stays working.

Planning & Location – Not only is it important to have emergency lighting installed in commercial properties but the locations need to be planned well, it is important to have the lights installed in an appropriate position to provide sufficient illumination in the right areas to help people find their way out of the property in emergencies.

Installation – For most business’ it is mandatory to have emergency lighting installed for safety reasons. Our staff are trained to the BS 5266-1:2011 standard to ensure that the lighting is installed professionally and correctly to keep you safe in your working environment.

Maintenance – Regular maintenance of your emergency lighting system is important to show that you (the responsible person) are making sure that the system is working correctly, doing what it should do when it should do it. Our engineers can undertake regular maintenance for your company monthly, Quarterly or annually, which ever you prefer.

If you would like to speak to someone about your emergency lighting needs please feel free to get in touch and a friendly member of staff would be happy to give any advise needed.

Emergency Lighting

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