Launchpad Reading - Electrical Maintenance

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Published: 4 Jan 2019

"We have been working with Daton Electrical for about 2 years and are happy with their work, responsiveness and professionalism.

We have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier.


Derek Riley

Housing Officer




Launchpad are a local charity that works with homeless people to help put a roof over their heads. They provide support to rough sleepers, beggers and anyone that may be needy in regards to housing. A lot of the people they help may have addictions or mental health issues.



Launch Pad Reading help people of all ages and backgrounds to get back up onto their feet and find housing. Homelessness is a complicated issue and Launch pab do what they can to give housing with support to those who need it and try to prevent homelessness where possible.


  • Daton provide electrical maintenance, repairs and inspections for all of launchpads housing and main offices in reading. We have been working together for over 2 years now and we do our best to be as reactive as possible and get out to jobs as quickly as we can.

  • Some tenants can be difficult when it comes to making appointments or gaining entry but as we work very closely with launchpad they are usually able to sort this out for us.

How we helped

We provide a quick service for all emergency work reported, undertake electrical upgrades in Launchpad head office and also provide electrical condition reports for all housing to ensure the property is safe for the end user. We have been providing these services now for over 2 years and are yet to hear of any issues.


  • By providing electrical condition reports, Launchpad can ensure that the property they are putting people in are electrically safe for them.
  • Any emergency electrical work is generally done in the same day within a few hours where possible.