Funky Flowers - Electrical Appliance Breakdowns

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Published: 7 Jan 2019


"Reliability and trustworthiness is essential for my business, at Funky Flowers we always strive to work with our customers to ensure we create the very best within floral design. So when it comes to electrics you want to know you’re in safe hands.

Dave your team can always be trusted to arrive on time and understand what is required. The jobs done with no fuss and they will let you know if there are any little problems! We have used Daton on many occasions, and will continue to do so. I always recommend Daton to my Neighbors, customers and friends as it’s great you can have a company you can rely on.

Daton, thank you for taking the time to understand the job; whether small or large you are always happy to do it.

Just to let you know the oven is working great and turkey was awesome at Christmas!

Thank you once again Dave"

Kate Thomas

Funky Flowers



  • Funky Flowers are a local florist that provide flowers for all manner of events from weddings, to funerals and all holidays and birthdays in between. 
  • Kate offer's a high end flower arrangment service and no matter how big or small your order is she's awlays happy to help. With a shop based in Wokingham it is important that she is kept up and running at all times. 



Kate, our customer had an emergency breakdown of her oven just before Christmas and called up in a panic, we have done alot of work in the past at her shop but this was her home oven and she was worried about cooking her Christmas dinner! We tend to be very busy at this time of year with emergency brekadowns but managed to get her sorted in time to cook her dinner. 



When faced with an emergency breakdown like this it's hard to know whether to call an appliance engineer or an electrician. We are able to check power to the appliance which luckily, in this instance, was the problem. When this happens so close to Christmas it's a huge worry, especially when you have a large family to cater for. 


How we helped

We managed to get our engineer out in the same evening that Kate called us to replace the supply for her oven, getting her back up and running in time to cook the Christmas turkey. It's always difficuly to squeeze everyone in before Christmas as this is usually our busiest time of the year. Nevertheless, we managed to get it sorted for her.



  • Emergency call out engineer resolved the issue within a few hours of the initial call.
  • Stock held in our vans to resolve most problems whilst on site.
  • Hassle free electrical repair by a fully qualified and experienced engineer.