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Published: 4 Jan 2019

"As an installer I always strived to make sure that my clients always got the best service and solutions to solve their problems.

This is what I definitely got when I used Daton Electrical to complete electrical installations on behalf of 4 Inspired Interiors Ltd. Daton always added value to the estimation process making sure nothing had been missed, which could have potentially held up the instillation.

One of the major benefits was Datons ability to assign the same engineer to my installations. This enabled me to get to know one individual and more importantly, how he worked (including his eccentricities!)

Daton were extremely helpful to me whilst running my company and have continued this into my new role as showroom manager at bohen.

Without a doubt Daton are the first company that come to mind when anyone asks me about electrical work and I will continue to highly recommend Daton to everyone that asks.

Please thanks Tony and the team for all their help and support over the years.

Deepest respects"

Ken Critcher

4 Inspired Interiors Ltd



4 inspired interiors Ltd are a local high quality kitchen fitting firm that operates in Berkshire. They call upon us for any electrical work that is needed on their projects. We would also check that fuse boards and the overall installation is up to date and give the client an option of upgrading where needed. We work closely with Ken to ensure that there is minimal disruption to his work and the client.



  • 4 Inspired interiors use Daton on almost every kitchen renovation job, we have a lot of experience working with kitchen and bathroom fitters.

  • Ken fits kitchens to a very high standard and is fixed on providing a top quality service for his clients, with a similar work style and ethic Daton and Ken make the perfect team for your project.



Ken has always used Daton for his electrical work, even before he started up 4 Inspired Interiors. We have always been able to help with his jobs and he has never had an issue with any of the work we have done. All of our engineers are very well experienced and fully qualified.


How we helped

By using Daton Ken has been able to assure that his clients have a good working electrical system in their kitchen. He has also had peace of mind that all our engineers are fully qualified with many years of experience.



  • We work very closely with Ken ensuring that everything goes smoothly and the end client is left with a great quality kitchen and electrical installation.

  • Ken has been a great customer giving us continual work, we would love to team up with more kitchen/bathroom fitters!