Domestic electrical condition reports

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Published: 21 Sep 2018

Electrical condition reports are important in so many ways and are needed for many different reasons, this can range from landlords check before a tenant moves in, home owners looking to sell or purchase a house, change of use or even for insurance purposes. During domestic electrical inspections we check the safety of the wiring inside your home. Making sure that everything is up to standard, from wiring to plug sockets, extractor fans and any external power you may have too. Our extensive NICEIC report will highlight any potential issues that need upgrading or repairing for you, If within the report there are items found unsatisfactory or unsafe these problems will need to be resolved and a quote can be provided for this work if requested.

All electrical systems deteriorate with time and this is why it is important to have regular checks to ensure your house is electrically safe. There are so many things that could have changed in the last 5 years without you knowing, some depending on the age of your system, others that can be caused by natural elements wearing away components outside, leaks in your roof or even rodents chewing through cables!  All of these can affect your electrical system and cause problems that could potentially be dangerous.

Your report will be given either a satisfactory or unsatisfactory status. This is self-explanatory; if unsatisfactory you will be provided with conditions that need improving within the system. These come in 3 different fault classification codes, C1, C2 and C3.

C1 is the most serious and means you are in immediate danger, there will be a written explanation for this next to it and C1 codes need immediate attention and will fail your report and make it unsatisfactory.

C2 means that something is potentially dangerous and requires urgent action to resolve it. Again and explanation will be written as to why and the company issuing the report should be able to advise the best way to resolve it. C2’s will also fail your report making it unsatisfactory.

C3 means improvements are recommended but not necessarily dangerous at present, these are recommended to be resolved but will not fail your report and having C3’s means that your report can still be satisfactory. Again speak to your electrician about what improvements are available.

Electrical condition reports are very important for many reasons, for us we believe that the safety of our family’s in our home is key! If you have not had your property inspected within the last 5 years please feel free to get in touch for a quote and we would be happy to help.