Christmas lights and their hidden dangers

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Published: 2 Nov 2018

Top tips to avoid hidden dangers when hanging Christmas lights.

There is a lot of information out there regarding the correct installation methods and safety precautions to be used for Christmas lights.

When putting up Christmas lights you must make sure you take care. Whether you are simply decorating your Christmas tree, hanging a string of lights above your window or illuminating your whole house/garden.

One of the most important things to remember when putting up lights is to make sure you check they are all working, are in a good condition without any damage to the bulbs, cable or plug before you start. Make sure there are no cracks in the plug top, the cable coming out of the plug shows no signs of stretching and that the lamp holders are in good condition.

If there is any damage to the lights or cable then it is probably not worth repairing them and would be better off replacing with a new set.

If your lights are all in good working order then you are ready to get started!

First of all make sure that the lights are unplugged, and then if there are any accidents you don’t need to worry about the risk of electrocution. When plugging lights in make sure you have enough plug sockets. Don’t use plug adaptors or extension leads.

If you are putting up a lot of lights in and around the house you should make sure that you are not overloading your circuits as this could be potentially dangerous.

If you are putting up outdoor Christmas lights you should try to use outdoor sockets, the sockets should have a 30mA RCD protection to ensure that if there is any fault with the lights it does not affect anything else. If you don’t have any power points outside feel free to give us a call for a quote to have some installed. This way you don’t have trailing cables through the house and you know that the sockets are weatherproof and safe to use unlike extension leads.

Make sure that when you go to bed or leave the house you turn off or unplug your Christmas lights or there could be a risk of fire.

If you are installing lights outside make sure that they are specifically designed to be used outside and are weather proof. If you are putting the lights up high make sure you have a safe ladder and are comfortable working at height. If not call a professional! If you are going up ladders to fit your lights make sure you have someone with you to foot the ladder and help you.

Last but not least make sure you do not put any other flammable decorations up too close to the lights as this could be a fire risk due to the heat produced by the light bulbs.

All in all, when putting up your Christmas decorations or lights make sure you stay safe, check that they are in good condition and working, don’t overload circuits, make sure they are fit for purpose and don’t do anything that you are not comfortable doing. If in doubt call a professional for advice.